Welcome to Couples Page - the complete wedding planning solution for venues, couples, guests and suppliers.

Unique to the wedding industry, Couples Page helps venues to book more weddings, increase customer satisfaction and increase profits.
Increase Wedding Bookings
Increase Guest Occupancy
Increase Marketing And Revenue Potential

Couples Page was founded back in January 2016 when one of the designers got married and realised that marketing and advertising in the wedding industry could be revolutionised. So Couples Page was created. Couples Page is designed from the ground up as a hotel marketing service which links Hotels, Couples, Guests and Suppliers in a mutually beneficial collaberative network. This network allows each party to benefit from the other users of the site. 

Couples can make use of the bespoke website and planning service to allow their wedding day to run smoothly and giving them a great customer experience. The Hotel, already heavily involved in the wedding planning, can now have access to the guests invited to the wedding, allowing them to sell additional services and drive repeat custom. Suppliers advertising through Couples Page can advertise direct to source to the people getting married also linking to the Hotel boosts SEO for both parties websites. Finally, the guests get an easy to use, streamlined platform allowing them to seamlessly book into their friends wedding.

Couples Page is an absolute must for the modern hotel looking to increase its wedding booking, guest occupancy and customer satisfaction.

- Just A Few Benefits of Couples Page -

Direct Advertising
Advertise directly to those getting married and their guests
Booking Links
Wedding guests go directly from Couples Page to your venue's booking system
Admin Dashboard
A simple dashboard allows you to manage and track couples' and guests' details
Venue Diary
Easy management, planning and adding of new weddings throughout the year
Recommend Suppliers
Suppliers pay you to advertise directly to your customers
Find out how Couples Page is working to make you money
Customise your venue page with photos, video, availability calendar and your recommended suppliers
Future Advertising
Access to email addresses so you can contact guests directly with future offers and deals

Features for Couples

Couples Page allows venues and hotels to offer a better wedding package since Couples use it for free and can enjoy the following features:
Admin Dashboard
A simple dashboard allows Couples to manage the planning areas of their wedding
Couples can customise their Page to make it personal to them, adding their own profile pictures, video and photos
Manage To Do List
The To Do list will help with keeping track of everything that's left to book, plan and do for the big day
Access Suppliers
Couples have access to the venue's recommended suppliers making it easier to plan the day
Send Invites
Manage and send save the dates and invitations to guest email addresses
Manage Guest List
Take care of the guest list, RSVPs and send out reminders
Manage Menu Choices
Keep track of guests' menu choices and dietary requirements
Guest Information
The Couples Page displays information such as order of the day, food menu and directions to the venue